My Approach

It is all about Relationship best sums up my approach.  I know that individuals, groups, and organizations thrive together.  Being in community with others develops our best evolutionary qualities.

My goal is always to be a compassionate guide to aid in expanding thinking, so those I support can take conscious steps toward creating the vision they have for themselves and their organizations   There is no doubt that contributing to something greater than oneself is a factor that increases human well-being and a step toward clarity, transformation and balance.  

By harnessing the power of the collective as a foundation, I support those I work with to achieve a positive change by first honoring the unique talents and strengths we all poses.    I understand that all individuals, groups, and organizations are unique; one approach will not work for everyone. I collaborate with my clients using the best tools and assessments to assess the situation quickly and comprehensively, facilitate the process and create results-oriented solutions that enable change, create action and meet goals.  

My Experience, Expertise and Education

I’m an innovative thinker, a creative problem-solver, a skillful synthesizer, an intuitive listener, and a devoted collaborator.

My professional path has taken on many twist and turns that has taken me around the country to support transformation and growth.  I am often called an unwavering visionary, able to guide strategic development that supports new practices that deepen understanding and harnesses the power of the collective.  

With a professional background in psychology and organizational development I have over 20 years experience and have consulted  and coached business leaders, non-profits and governmental organizations from various systems.  I bring a range of skills to support the specific needs of individuals and organizations, whether they are beginning  a project or expanding towards a new vision.