Managing change to get results.

Helping you work effectively in a changing landscape.

As the business and non-profit environments change at an increasing rate, organizations face an entirely new atmosphere for innovation and getting things done. Leadership would be an easy undertaking if organizations and communities only faced problems for which they already knew the solutions. Everyday, competent leaders and organizations are faced with problems for which they currently do not have the necessary know-how and procedures.  Many times those involved find themselves challenged and uncertain on how to effectively work within the changing landscape.  Often these situations require experiments, new discoveries, and adjustments from numerous places within your organization.  Effectively managing change is proven to help businesses realize results or the ROI of new initiatives faster.

I can help you and your organization to develop new ways to reach your objectives—change attitudes, values, and deep-seated behaviors so people can make the leap necessary to thrive in the new environments that:

  • Create Sustainability - real change depends on having people internalize the change itself to developing and embrace a change strategy.
  •  Harness the Group Genius - change requires new skills in adaptive leadership that increase connections to people, establishes Right Use of Power™ and elegantly tackle tough issues through creative chaos.
  •  Focus on Collective Impact - greater progress is made if those involved are brought together around a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing. 

My approach creates an environment that facilitates creative energy and passions to build cohesion, so you feel confident to embrace change and design a plan for success.