Setting the course. 

Facilitation is a dynamic tool that helps groups reach better decisions faster! I help groups move from "stuck" to "motivated" with much higher levels of buy-in and commitment.  Insightful conversations that engage participants and consistently deliver great outcomes don’t happen by chance.   With thoughtfully designed meetings combined with skillful facilitation your participants leave with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that every minute was well spent.  I help organizations get more work done with amazing results.  My services include:

  • Pre-meeting support:  Clarifying goals and objectives, design of agenda and planning activities, interviews and assessments
  • Logistics:  preparation of meeting materials, meeting flow, room configuration
  • Facilitation:  keeping meeting and discussions focused on outcomes, encouragement of full participation, resolve conflicts and build consensus, and gain the participants’ commitment to action
  • Post-meeting support:  meeting documentation, preparation of meeting report, documentation of agreements, action steps and agreements. 

Need help with collaboration? Innovation and transformation demands collaborative environments where partners are aligned.  I am skilled at facilitation team-based collaboration, mediation and conciliation services, and participatory planning processes.  Working together we can design a customized facilitation plan to meet your needs.