I speak to audiences and motivate them to embrace change and take the leap towards well-being. I inspire individuals to find the opportunity in each moment. I motivate young leaders to challenge the status quo around hardships and systems involvement and take action towards creating a positive world.  I speak with people about how to create balance through the elements and work more collaboratively.  I facilitate human service professionals’ understanding of how to work compassionately with families and children from all backgrounds. I teach best practices in trauma informed youth development.   I have spoken across the country about creating work-life balance.

Every time I speak, my intention is to leave audiences feeling inspired to reflect and believe that change and transformation is possible. 

My inspirational presentations include meaningful stories, humor, real-world examples, research, and realistic take-aways.   I am often described as full of energy that is  “refreshing.”   I love to motivate and breathe wholeness into the ways we relate to our community, our world and most importantly ourselves.   

If you would like to learn more about my experience, past keynotes and presentations or to talk about bringing me to speak at your events, send an email  to me at kippi@unfoldingdirections.com

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I specialize in helping create content for individuals and organization that helps establish expertise, educate your audience or tell your story.  I have provided content for blogs, social media and websites for human services and healing professionals.    I am also skilled at developing curriculums, writing grants, creating training materials and resource guides.   Writing services can establish you as a thought leader and improve the connection you have with your target audience, customers, the media and others.   

If you would like to learn more about my experience or to talk to me about  how I can help you on an upcoming project, send me an email me at kippi@unfoldingdirections.com