What is possible in your life?

In life, our personality evolves and gradually becomes the instrument for our soul.  Our brain and psyche has developed an automatic process to organize and create meaning.    Each experience you have becomes how you see your world and tell your life story.   When you start each new day your personal experiences from the past become the information that is the data which then you use to create the assumptions, conclusions and believes that drive the actions you take to make your world manageable.  A well-known neuroscience explained it this way, “If you are trying to create a new future but you are not addressing the emotions that are keeping you anchored to the past change is stalled.”  Those emotions have been conditioned in your body.  Meaning the moment you turn back into your life you will begin to physiologically, autonomically, automatically return back to old yourself no matter how hard and focused you are on change because you are using the people and conditions of your past to confirm and remind you of who you are.    Imagine how your world could evolve if you were not anchored in your old stories and habitual habits. 

The challenge is all of this is going on without much effort.  It is life on autopilot.  It is the subconscious and unconscious at work.   Just think . . . do you remember the cars and people you pass each day on your way to work?  Do you every show up some place and really have no memory of the route you took to get there?   That is our amazing brain.  Malcolm Gladwell calls this “thinking without thinking.”  But imagine what might happen if you took a little time out throughout the day to simply recall, reflect and determine if you are acting in the moment based on past experiences or if your reaction and choices are in real time – in the moment – based on the future your heart and soul are longing for.

This is an important concept to ponder.   What would be possible if you lived your life full on without the stories from the past creating the map you are using to guide your actions and decisions?   All of us have places in our life that are not completely fulfilling.  Maybe you have been contemplating a new job – how come?   Perhaps you have a relationship that is not completely satisfying – what is missing?   Maybe when you look in the mirror your body is a little out of shape.    Possibly you wish your financial situation felt a little more secure.  These situations might be what keeps you awake a night taking away the contentment you are yearning.   I encourage you to take time each day and imagine what would your life look like if you could live it exactly as you imagined in your dreams?   What would you hope for?   Do this without any blame, shame or doubt and just think about what you would change and how that change would feel and show up in your life. 

Often the stories we tell ourselves only exist because we haven’t taken the time to write new ones.  So whether through a morning meditation practice or an evening gratitude reflection, spend time each day rewriting your stories from the past and reflect on the new and simple ways your dreams are showing up each day.  Invite change into your life as a welcomed confirmation of who you are becoming.