Eight Simple Ways to Build Your Energy

Without energy you might find it hard to focus, be creative or achieve the change you are working on.   Cultivating growth and change includes building the vitality that will keep you going.  When your energy is flowing it actually can help you keep a clear mind and have the fortitude to see things with a new light.   So in instead of reaching for energy shot try out these simple ways to boost your energy. 

Get Moving.  Make sure include physical activity each day.   Studies show that in as little as 10 minutes of physical activity your energy will be revved up.

Get Happy.  Did you know a good laugh can get you pumped up when you’re feeling sluggish?   Laughter is a proven stress buster and has been shown to boost your heart rate and safely raise your blood pressure. 

Let the Sun In.  Environmental cues such as getting a little sunlight play a huge role in our body's energy.  So open your curtains or go outside for a short walk to build your vitamin D and feel more alive.

Yawn. According to research yawning is your body’s way of cooling down the brain and waking it up.

Stretch.  Reach for the sky and gently arch your back.  This type of stretch stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and energizing for the body and mind.  Studies show that a little yoga could fight depression and anxiety.

Eat chocolate.  Even though chocolate does have some caffeine the Flavonoids found in cocoa have been shown to boost cognitive skills and improve mood.

Sing.  Singing requires breath control.  So when you sing to the radio out loud while driving you get plenty of extra oxygen pumping and feel energized. 

Add a Little Color.  Surround yourself with red. Studies have shown the color red is associated with winning and self-confidence. Try looking at or wearing some red or violet hues to feel more awake.