Creating Life's Permission Slips

Without being clear on what we want in our future it is very hard to create a life that is satisfying and rich.   How often do you take time to remind yourself about your wants and desires?  It is important to take time to be self-ful and ourselves permission to enjoy some simple pleasures.  

Being self-ful is nothing more then get clear on what I like to call personal non-negotiable.  These are the things that when they are missing you feel a little cranky and resentful.   For me it is really important that I have at least a 20 minutes each day to get out walk in nature.   I use to think this was an extravagance.  As a single mama of five - there was always something to be done and someone who needed something.   However, when I missed out on my walks I found myself distracted and not fully able to focus.    This was just one of many simple wishes I didn’t give my self permission to enjoy because of some old story I had in my head that putting me first was selfish.  

Can you relate?  There is no doubt that there are a few simple goodies you are not willing to go without. I have leaned that when my non-negotiables get forgotten I can get a little testy.   For most of us as a child we lived in the land of ME – ME – ME.  Then reality came in and hit us hard - the land of ME -ME - ME was considered selfish.  We didn’t want to come off as being a little self centered and indulgent - so we began our journey into the realm of being afraid to asking for things we want.    As adults we all can benefit from spend a little more time in the world of creating self-ful permissions.

Time for a shift!  To begin, reflect on the following questions:

  • I want to be sure my life includes . . .
  • Something I do to spoil myself for a job well done . . .
  • One treat I can give myself after a challenging day . . .
  • I like to spend my free time . . .
  • I want to be sure each day includes  . . .

Then think what would you want to have those desires included a quality of self-fullness?   Next, write your list of non-negotiable – your aka I am not going to go without list.   Don’t get caught in the material realm completely.  Think about the list from the emotional realm also.   For example here are a few from my list.  

  • Take 20 minutes of me time each day to walk
  • Time to play and get lost in life 
  • Read one book a month just for fun
  • Good company and lots of laughter
  • Skip unloading the dishwasher if I have a chance to catch a sunset
  • Travel and adventure regularly

Now, turn that list into PERMISSION SLIPS, a fun way to turn those non-negotiable into something you have given yourself permission to do.  This is a really important shift.  Sometimes we feel like we are going to get a bad rap when we ask for what we want. For others it might be totally overwhelmed to ask for what they want.   A permission slip is a visual reminder that you already have permission so there can be no guilt attached!

Finally, create your personal Permission Slips for example:  

Each day I will live a life that inspires me to be the best I can be.  I give myself permission to play and laugh to remind myself of how joyful I am to be alive”

Be sure to come to comment below about some of the Permission Slips you created or  share in my Facebook community to inspire others.