An IN-SPIRED LIFE - exhibiting a creative of extraordinary life

We all have creative extraordinary qualities - you can feel them in the very depths of your being.  From cradle to grave we all are on an epic journey of discovering and defining what makes life worth living.  It is that deep yearning to have a sense of purpose and to know you did the very best with each moment of your life.   I remember as a child looking up into the night’s sky and wishing for my dreams to come true.   As I grew I discovered that my dreams found me when I was connected to people, places and work that challenged me and inspired me do better.   Living an inspired life happens when what you are doing is connected to what bring you meaning.

Do you know what creates that unstoppable life force in you when you are on a purposeful path towards manifesting your destiny?  The process of discovery is a personal one.  There is no easy how to manual however I can provide you with a few questions to reflect on as you continue along your path of self-discovery.   First, it is important to know that the path is never static.  It changes and evolves with each new discovery about your extraordinary qualities.  I encourage you to create a regular practice I like to call Inspiration Dreamtime.  It doesn’t take much effort just a few minutes each week to reflect, breath and believe!

Are you ready to get a little inspired?   Here are a few questions to use during your Inspirational Dreamtime.  Remember there are no right answers.  With my coaching clients I use the IN-Vizion® process that includes active imagination - a great way let your creative mind connect you to your deepest desires. 

What excites you and gives you energy?   When your activities are aligned with our purpose it will energize you.   If what you are doing doesn't resonate with your purpose you will feel lukewarm about your existence.

What are those thoughts that come to you when you relaxing or doing what you love?   When you are relaxed and not operating from a place of expectation you mind can wander and get curious about what is possible.   It’s these sparks of inspiration you should start listening to! 

What would you try if you didn’t worry about what people thought and money was no object?  If you could turn off the have to-s and must-s - for just a bit - think about what your own unique niche in life be and what would you be doing?   Many people have told me I have a unique background, but really all I did was find a way to start letting people know about things I love in me but was a little shy about.  By doing this I found confidence in unleashing my creative qualities and my life took off in amazing ways!  

Have fun on your quest! Keep me posted here or in my Facebook community about what you are discovering during your Inspirational Dreamtime!