Three Simple Steps To Creating A Powerful Vision For Your Life

Creating a vision for your life is all about tapping into your creativity and getting in touch with your personal truth.   Taking time to investigate where and how passion, desires and inspirational energy shows up in your life is the first step.  When you are on track with souls purpose each day starts and ends with the energy that inspires to keep going.

Some people can easily identify their dreams.  For others they are more elusive often because they haven’t spent much time imagining and dreaming about the future.  But setting a clear course and vision for your future is one of the most important things to do.  Here are 3 easy steps to get you started.

Get clear on what you want.

That might seem a little obvious, but for most of us our ideas often are a little fuzzy.   That is why it is important to spend time flexing the muscle of your imagination and dream about what can and is possible.  Time to dig up those long-lost dreams and make them a reality by embracing them as possible.  Start by focusing on what you love to do and when you feel most alive.  Then ask yourself if money didn’t matter what would you be doing.  Letting go financial gain is difficult but necessary to move from focusing on the result of your dreams, i.e. what income your will have when your dreams come true to your actual life dream.  Focus instead on the quality of life you would have by using adjectives that describe the feeling and emotion of with living your dreams would feel like.

Write it out.

Time to take that vision and actually write it down.   Be sure to write down what things would look like when your vision is creating the life you are living full force.  Filled with creativity, satisfaction, joy and passion.  Make sure to include how you will know when you are on the right track. So for example if your future story talked about your dream job, your dream partner, your dream body, write it them now as a goal.  For example “I will be working as a editor in 3 years. ”  I like to use dream boards (see my blog post from June 10)

Give it attention, daily.

Each day spend time giving it attention.  Sit down and meditate on your vision.  I also like to spend time each night before bed visualizing my dream and then acknowledging each day the seeds of change that are happening to make my vision a reality.  For example if the goal is have a healthy life style.  Acknowledge that you walked to lunch instead of driving.   This is so important.  Each day there are little signs and changes that are happening when we are manifesting our dreams that go unnoticed.  But if we recognize them and give gratitude they help our mind, body and soul bring our energy to present time and release the trap parts of our ego that is busy looking for ways to remind us our dreams can’t come true.  Seeing your dreams as reality make them real and start you on the road to manifesting the life you always imagined.